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  1. How are camels adapted to live in the desert?
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A fictional account of actual events, this cross-cultural adventure gives voice to an ensemble of feisty women, Muslim camel men, African-Americans, immigrant Germans, and colorful Texans, all brought together by the great American camel experiment. Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. More Details Other Editions 1.

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How are camels adapted to live in the desert?

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Aug 13, Judy rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-novel , texas-setting. I enjoyed this a lot. I learned a bit about Jefferson Davis' famous camel experiment and about Texas history. And, there was a nice romance plot line also. I attended a review by the author before reading it so I know she did her research. Nov 03, Lori rated it liked it. Loved all the Texas "history" packed into this story and especially Galveston to San Antonio - territory I am familiar with. The writing is a bit choppy perhaps amateurish would be a better description and yes - there are many attempts to include every "issue" in this book from slavery to government to Native Americans, to the landscape, to women's place in the world of the s, to camel behavior of course , to the nature of love and affection and cultural differences.

The book is compellin Loved all the Texas "history" packed into this story and especially Galveston to San Antonio - territory I am familiar with. The book is compelling despite some flaws. Oct 23, Barbara Andrews rated it really liked it. Accompanied by Egyptian handlers, the camels arrive in Galveston to much wonder and skepticism. The story is told through the experie During the recent Houston Indie Book Festival, I met the author of this amazing book which I enjoyed immensely. The story is told through the experiences of sixteen-year-old Elizabeth McDermott, who learns of the expedition through her mother's cousin, Major James Babcock, Jefferson Davis's choice to lead the mission.

An upcoming socialite, participating in Galveston's May Day ball, Elizabeth becomes a part of the expedition when she and her mother are attached to follow the camel train to San Antonio. She becomes friends with Hassan one of the young camel handlers, Alex Babcock, the nephew of Major Babcock, and Nate the grandson of the Matagorda lighthouse keeper. Elizabeth experiences unlikely romance, government intrigue, vicious animosity, evils of slavery, and personal enlightenment leading her into a life she never would have imagined without the camel experiment.

This authentic story, not apt to be found in many Texas history books, provides the reader the opportunity to be a part of this extraordinary Texas adventure. I heartily recommend this book to those who enjoy rare historical events. May 13, Marcia Kemp rated it it was amazing. Camel Corps venture of the s to spin a compelling tale that held my attention to the very end. The lovely and eligible Elizabeth McDermott of Galveston is pursued by three young men, each distinctly drawn.

I loved Alex and Nate, but was particularly taken with the Egyptian Hassan, with his smoldering good looks and impeccable Islamic upbringing, thrown into the American South of 18 Brenda Blair's delightful portrait of Texas in the years before the Civil War uses the historic U. I loved Alex and Nate, but was particularly taken with the Egyptian Hassan, with his smoldering good looks and impeccable Islamic upbringing, thrown into the American South of where only two skin colors were acknowledged, leaving Hassan on the wrong side of a social divide that isolated and insulted him.

This is the kind of book I love to read. The vivid depiction of the McDermott slaves, many of whom you come to care about as the story evolves, is thoughtful and moving. And you come away with a great feel for the sturdy, independent settlers of Texas -- the Germans, the cowboys, the elite, the abolitionists, the adventurers. Most importantly, the plot moves along crisply and keeps you turning pages to follow the rich cast of characters. I promise, this book is better written, more interesting and more fun than most of what you'll find on the bestseller lists.

Oct 17, Becca rated it it was amazing. This book was wonderful! The descriptions of the landscape, history, and characters were all exquisite. It was apparent that the author did an incredible amount of research for this book. The writing was captivating. The story of the Camel Corps was fascinating; a story to be told in this day in age. I would wholeheartedly recommend this book. Mar 25, Linda Hawn added it.

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  4. Felt it was hard to get into so I put it down for a while. When I picked it up again, I was able to reply get into it and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Very interesting historical novel about the US Army trying out camels for the soldiers assigned to desert patrol and the story of a family traveling with them.

    Nov 29, Donna rated it liked it Shelves: american-culture-or-society , fiction , historical-glimpses. Absorbing historical fiction with lively, interesting characters who all ring true. The camels incident in American military history is fascinating and I thoroughly enjoyed the addition of fictional characters to give details and interest to the story.

    Wild Bactrian camels are currently a critically endangered species.

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    The domesticated version isn't included in the endangered group, as their population appears to be thriving. Because of hunting and other predators such as wolves Canis lupus there is an expected loss of animals a year for the Mongoloian subpopulation. Based on these trends, the future of wild Bactrian camels is questionable.

    Because of the genetic differences between the domestic and wild species, the lack of chances to hybridize is a major contributor to their conservation status. Hare, ; Nowak, Interestingly, the domesticated form of this species is classified as Camelus bactrianus. Grubb considers ferus a subspecies of bactrianus. Hare, In otherwords, Europe and Asia and northern Africa.

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    Animals with bilateral symmetry have dorsal and ventral sides, as well as anterior and posterior ends. Synapomorphy of the Bilateria. Vegetation is typically sparse, though spectacular blooms may occur following rain. Deserts can be cold or warm and daily temperates typically fluctuate. In dune areas vegetation is also sparse and conditions are dry.

    This is because sand does not hold water well so little is available to plants.

    Frontiers | Genetic Improvement in Dromedary Camels: Challenges and Opportunities | Genetics

    In dunes near seas and oceans this is compounded by the influence of salt in the air and soil. Salt limits the ability of plants to take up water through their roots. Endothermy is a synapomorphy of the Mammalia, although it may have arisen in a now extinct synapsid ancestor; the fossil record does not distinguish these possibilities. Convergent in birds. Iteroparous animals must, by definition, survive over multiple seasons or periodic condition changes.

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    A terrestrial biome. Savannas are grasslands with scattered individual trees that do not form a closed canopy. Extensive savannas are found in parts of subtropical and tropical Africa and South America, and in Australia. A grassland with scattered trees or scattered clumps of trees, a type of community intermediate between grassland and forest.