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Bouletreau, P. Journal page Archives Contents list. Esclassan, F. Astie, A. Sevin, R. Donat, S. Lucas, A. Article Article Outline. Access to the text HTML. Access to the PDF text. Recommend this article. Save as favorites.

Access to the full text of this article requires a subscription. If you are a subscriber, please sign in 'My Account' at the top right of the screen. Perception de la chirurgie maxillofaciale et de la stomatologie en France. Delaval, P. Jammet, P. Goudot, J. Auteur correspondant. C Malbosc, Montpellier, France.

O.R.L - Definition and synonyms of o.r.l in the French dictionary

Outline Masquer le plan. Top of the page - Article Outline. He regularly presents his results at international conferences and workshops.

Luc Chikhani - Wikipedia

Scientific Supervisor. Jury Member. Head of unit. French Abstract Editor. Hospital Surgeon - practitioner Hospitals. University Certificate of Pedagogy of medical education and communication.

Maxillofacial Surgery Specialist. Master Degree of Surgical Sciences. University Diploma of Tumor pathology of the cervico-facial region. University Certificate of legal compensation of physical injury. MD - PhD. Certificate in Stomatology. Oral and maxillofacial surgery: what are the French specificities? Journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery : official journal of the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons Read it here.

Fat microinfiltration autografting for facial restructuring in HIV patients.

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Journal of cranio-maxillo-facial surgery : official publication of the European Association for Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery Read it here. Maxillofacial metastasis of a cholangiocarcinoma. In infected hosts, the cellular tropism of the virus is extensive, thereby contributing to the diversity of clinical symptoms.

The virus is particularly present in monocytes and lymphocytes, both of which are the main focus sites for CMV reactivation [ 1 ].

Descriptif détaillé : atlas of real time 3D transesophageal echocardiography

Following the primary infection, the virus remains latent in the human body. In highly immunocompromised patients, CMV reactivation may lead to infection with viremia and massive viral excretion. Oral manifestations of the virus are rare and are mostly observed in highly immunocompromised patients, such as those with HIV, after chemotherapy or after heart or bone marrow transplants [ 1 ].

The most common oral manifestations include persistent oral ulcers or major salivary gland diseases e. CMV is frequently associated with other members of the family Herpesviridae [ 1 ]. Oral ulcers can occur in any part of the oral cavity but are most commonly found in the hard or soft palate. They are persistent, mostly unique, painful, and shallow and present a yellowish pseudomembrane and irregular margins [ 1 ]. Histologically, endothelial cells are altered; moreover, infected cells have a large cytoplasm with nuclear inclusions [ 2 ].

Detection of viral DNA via PCR using blood or cerebrospinal fluid as the sample is the technique of choice for diagnosis. Immunohistochemistry or in situ hybridization can also be used for diagnosis from biopsies; however, the results can be ambiguous if only few cells are affected.

History of the speciality

For patients with CMV infections treated with immunosuppressive agents for chronic inflammatory disease, curative treatment can be suggested even in the absence of a threatening clinical condition because the disease course is unpredictable and potentially serious [ 3 ]. In the event of chronic ulcers, differential diagnoses should be eliminated. The main differential diagnosis that should be excluded is squamous cell carcinoma.

The other differential diagnoses that should be eliminated in the order of frequency and severity are as follows: infectious disease-induced ulcers e. Ulcers related to Wegener's disease and those that have resulted secondary to the drug toxicity of rituximab are the main differential diagnoses to be considered in this case.

According to the literature, rituximab use is associated with CMV infections. Patients treated with rituximab for hematologic diseases exhibited increased risk of developing CMV-related complications [ 4 ]. Bird pdf. Download A Senhora do Lago. The Witcher. Volume 1 pdf Andrzej Sapkowski. Download De gehoornden pdf Bianca Mastenbroek. Download Det farliga Sverige pdf Dick Sundevall. Download Door de lens van de landschapsbiografie pdf Hanneke Ronnes. Download Het rijk van de schaarste pdf Hans Achterhuis. Download Levenswijsheid volgens prediker - Wim Dekker pdf.

Download Meu Museu - Maisa Zakzuk pdf. Diallo, Neil A.