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Mustafa El-Faky. Hamdy El-Said.

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  • A Dungeons and Dragons Comic. The Vanguard Chronicles: Salamander.
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The young people who joined that infamous organization surely knew the rules of the game and served the successive regimes in order to grow in power , I mean you read the above names and you will know what I am saying. Just like Ibrahim Shukri who used to be a socialist before becoming an Islamist. Most of those names were searchers for power and strangely most of them continued to serve the two successive regimes despite each of them was different from the Nasserite era.

But again they will find their way in. The Vanguard Organization was officially over in correction movement President led to wipe out the members who were plotting against him.

A Dungeons and Dragons Comic. The Vanguard Chronicles: Salamander

For instance two members writing reports against each. A journalist in Al Ahram writing a report about Heikel!! Some will defend them,some will attack them,We do not play here the role of God but those people made a huge mistake in pleasing a Pharaoh spying on their brothers and sisters , some of them regretted years later and some of them continued to become the eye and ear of the regime.

Strangely all the journalists and politicians my grandfather hated were in that list ,May Allah bless his soul he knew them and what they were.

The list isn't shocking at all, but I'm really shocked by the tone of generalization in "alyom alsabe3's" article. It's known that Nasser started this vanguard "altanzeem altalee3i" as a party-like organization, and some critics even went to the extent that he was planning a multi-party political system, and this secret vanguard was an attempt to be organizationally ahead in the forthcoming political race.

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  5. Reuters released an interesting investigation on how multinational companies have modified their operations to sidestep price controls imposed by the government through SUNDDE, to sell their dwindling production at a loss, which further complicates their continued, half-mast operations amidst economic depression and hyperinflation. Women have demanded that equality be real and effective. Even though Spain was the only country to hold a strike supported by unions, there were demonstrations in over countries, with events in Iran being the most significant due to all the risks participants had to face there.

    Gear Chronicle | Cardfight!! Vanguard Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

    Also yesterday, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights IACHR urged regional States to guarantee the full exercise of the rights of women, girls and teenagers, and to abstain from adopting measures that have a negative or regressive impact on the guarantee of their essential rights.

    Caracas Chronicles.

    Voices from Inside Sebin. The New End of Dialogue. We Need a Sovereign Wealth Fund. The Sanctions of August 5th,